Weapons primarily change your damage. They can be found with Modifiers that improve their damage or stat bonuses.



Here is the list of weapons that can be found on Cardinal Quest:

  • Dagger (1-2 damage)
  • Short Sword (1-3 damage)
  • Staff (1-3 damage, +1 Spirit)
  • Long Sword (2-4 damage)
  • Beastly Mace (4-9 damage, -1 Speed)
  • Axe (3-6 damage)
  • Hardened Battle Axe (4-12 damage, -2 Speed)
  • Rune Sword (2-7 damage, 1 Spirit)
  • Broad Claymore (6-11 damage, -1 Speed)
  • Twin Bladed Katana (5-12 damage, -2 Defense, +2 Speed)

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